Shanghai jingkai sewing machine Co.,Ltd has more than twenty yearshistory of manufacturing cloth-cuffjng machines.The modeis quality andmarket covering of the products are promoting and becoming perfect.The product's range ls from mini to big round cutting machine.from nor-mal straight knife cutting machine to automatic shifting and grinding cutting machine (Including emery-belf and emery-wheel machines)from automatlc cutter to comp-uter controlled cutter.The factory also manufactures electrlc-heated cutter which is used in cutting sponge and chemical fiber cotton.and driller which is used in Drilling hole and marking before cutting.In addition,table blind sewing machine,Over-locking machine and lock-stitch sewing machine over-locking machine are also in the ranae of our products.The products are sold to not only almost all provlncesin domestic areas bu taso Europe.Amerlca.Africa.Australla.Southeast.Asia and Middle East.The company has become one of the companies that have entire model numbers and largest sale volume of cloth cutting machine in China.The company set up sub-companies in Guangzhou and Taizhou in order to expand the buslness.
    Theres a Chinese saying that a man should sharpen his tools firstlf he wants to do things well.Our company regards the requlrements of the cloth industry as our responsbility.andwilltry our best to deveope new products and promote the quality to meet the expectatlon of operator and the sewing lindustry.
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