Lockstitch Sewing Machine Series
The macine is applicable for different materials, and with its advanced noise-decreasing device, it remains reliability and durability at the high speed of 5500 r/min.
Overlock Sewing Machine Series
Suitable for overlocking and overedging workpieces of light and medium-weight materials. Low sewing tension, neat and beautiful stitch even running with...
Cutting Machine Series
It is indispensable equipment for batch production of clothes,shoes and hats,It can be used to cut cotton,wool,hemp,chemical fibre,leather and silk etc.
Spcial Type Sewing Machine
This machine can be used in manufactuering embroidery products, suit, ladydres, swinwear, leather products and luggage. It is suitable for straight sewing, zigzag sewing of lightweight and...
Stretch Sewing Machine Series
This machine is especially suitable for the elastic lace cord of underwear, swimwear and trousers. It is a new model which has new spreader thread mechanism and newthread take-up mechanism.
Motor Spare Parts
Motor Spare Parts
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