Cutting Machine Series
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Automatic Grind Cutting Machine With Emery Belt
It is indispensable equipment for batch production of clothes,shoes and hats,It can be used to cut cotton,wool,hemp,chemical fibre,leather and silk etc. Having features of large power,low noise,...
Automatic Grind Cutting Machine
It is indispensable equipment for batch production of clothes,shoes and hats, It can be used to cut various materials such as cotton, wool, and hemp, materials and chemical fibre, leather and silk etc....
Automatic Grind Cutting Machine
Automatic and converient in grinding,quick in cutting and binbinpower. It is suitable for cutting fabric of cotton, wool, linen and leather, leatherette etc, in batches.
PC-G068 Automatic Sharpening Cutting Machine
This machine is an up-to-date machine, which is suitable for cutting cut extra-heavy, extra-hard cloth; soft, lift non-heatproof cloth as well. It has features of large power, low noise, stepless speed...
PC-E Straight Cutting Machine
It is suit ablefor cutting cotton, wool, and linen cloth, silk and chemical fiber in batches. it has the features of stable operation, compact mech anism, and high efficien cy.
PC-A200 Electric Heated Scissors
It is suitable for cutting fiber cotton and sponge. it is an indispensable tool for fiber cotton and sponge production works.
It can cut high-temperature and easily fusible materials without...
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