Stretch Sewing Machine Series
PC2500-05/MD Elastic Lace Cord
This machine is especially suitable for the elastic lace cord of underwear, swimwear and trousers. It is a new model which has new spreader thread mechanism and newthread take-up mechanism.
Sewing Rolled-edge
This machine is suit able for rolling collar and rolling edge of hosiery underwear. sportswear and elastic cord of shirt. It adopts completely-closedautomaticlubricating system. The main drivea dopts...
PC2500-01CB Supetr Hight-speed Stretch Sewing Machine
Differential feed amount can be easily adjusted using a dial.
With a simplified dial mounted on the front surface of the machine, the differential feed ratio can be adjusted with ease....
PC31016 Supetr Hight-speed Stretch Sewing Machine
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